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GET OUT!! Give yourself a fighting chance! The MOST aggressive opposing Force we encounter when working towards achieving Balance in our daily lives is the Constructed Mind. I say CONSTRUCTED because it was built. This is the Android that threatens the PEACE of the Living.

So how do we counteract this Force? By using Knowledge of Design so that you can place it where it belongs. -At your USE. GETTING OUT of your mind is a practice of self observation and self therapy (which INCLUDES self correction). It helps you to untangle your perspective by giving you the FREEDOM of self determination. The road map is really a self navigation system (the Rites of Balance) because though truth never changes, every experience is an opportunity to create. One just must CHOOSE and understand that this choice takes place ON THE BATTLEFIELD.

Sad isn't it? Our planet has went from a Garden to a battlefield. Ok, back to the point. The first thing you MUST do is control what you eat. STOP EATING SUGAR and you will SEE that your thoughts will SLOW DOWN and become more clear. This is a very important victory. Your mind is a very capable body, but you must TRAIN IT. Just as you would train the Physical Body. The TWO must be able to function at OPTIMUM levels harmoniously to manifest your power (or potential) in the moment.

GET OUT of your mind! Put it in its proper place. Balance brings PEACE as one discovers their own POWER. Victory is a process.

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