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Magick is REAL!!

Magick spelled THIS way resonates with my heritage as a Natural Being, a child of the Light from our Sun. ALL are the Light. Without the Light, there is NO LIFE. The Light has many manifestations in our COLLECTIVE EXPERIENCE here on the “Surface”.

The Light comes THROUGH the Sun -a cosmic door and then INTO the Garden (this one EDEN -NOT “earth") and finally onto the Surface. Through the Knowledge of Design, one is able to Understand or Experience “magick” or the POWERS of potential.

Power is only generated by things which are Real. Creation, Conjuring, or Healing are all NATURAL processes expressed through truth, inspiration, practice, the elements, courage, and love. One cannot skip steps because as with weaving, you will just have a big HOLE somewhere.

The Knowledge of Design has changed the way I experience resistance or problems. It has allowed me to gain control of my personal destiny. Now when I encounter resistance, I see a path. Our entire world is going through a THANG and it feels good knowing that I can be of SERVICE and a pleasant surprise to meet online or in person. To date, I have not met a person whom I could NOT help!

I am GRATEFUL for my opportunity!

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