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The Importance of Truth

The foundation of anything in our lives is the truth of its reality. Without the truth, there can be no love -only slavery and perversion.

If you are endeavoring to build something, you must seek stable ground to lay your foundation. The same is true when building your Expression of Power (or Influence).

How many times have you laid on your back looking at the ceiling -ABLEBODIED, but unable to get up?? Unable to move because the WEIGHT of your personal experience has left you immobile and uninspired??

You cannot use NURSERY RHYMES or famous quotes to pick you up. YOU must PICK YOU UP!!! If you are alive today, you may know what I'm talking about. If not, live some more and come find this post!

What you tell yourself to push you forward (when no one CAN give a shit) MUST be something REAL in order for it to give you power. You cannot steal this energy from anyone else because they've got their own stuff to deal with. So it's on YOU! -Where it SHOULD be!

Listen. Strength is PRACTICED and Power is BUILT. Both REQUIRE repetitious effort. Without effort, you have nothing.

Your Effort is an Expression of your Intent -which is your Influence (or Message) to your LIVING ENVIRONMENT. So, if you have something to say - BE HONEST and STAY CONSISTENT.

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