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Balancing Stress or Anxiety Consultation

Of course you're going to make to it! Clarity is KEY!

  • 1 hour
  • 25 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

The techniques used to establish the Balancing Stress or Anxiety program were developed to educate and train people on how to balance or insulate themselves from the impact of stress in their environment. Overcoming challenges often comes from how well people work together as well as how well they use their environment. The Natural Healing Group, LLC (NHG) is an environment centered on human care and we are here to see you win. That being said, we support our Participants in the following ways: -Concierge service -Attentiveness -Punctuality -Flexibility -Respect -Compassion -Patience -Excellence We will ALWAYS experience stimulation from our environment. Stress, is by far, the most consistent stimulation received in the modern environment. The by products of stress are cortisol and rising levels of inflammation, the source of disease and ailments in the human bodies. Yes, bodies! Understanding your "design" can teach you how to manage or BALANCE the forces within yourself and the environment around allowing you to restore your health or function. Common benefits: -effective symptom management -improved quality of life -improved physical function -mental clarity -reduced anxiety -improved sleep -successful weight management -improved benchmarks (blood pressure, blood sugar, a1c, [blood and hormone], panels, and etc.) -reduced health costs (annually) The cost of this service is $45 for one hour and $65 for 90 minutes. The Consultation costs $25.

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