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Group Exercise in the Neighborhood!

Group exercise for everyone!

  • 30 minutes
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Service Description

Founded by a U.S. Marine turned Yogi and Natural Healer, Group Exercise in the Neighborhood was developed to create a group exercise experience WITH THE LEAST RISK of injury! NHG is an environment centered on human care. That being said, we support our Participants in the following ways: -Concierge service -Attentiveness -Punctuality -Flexibility -Respect -Compassion -Patience -Excellence A fundamental part of wellness is the power to ENJOY LIFE. It is natural for people to want to share this joy or find it with other people. NHG sought to deliver the experience in a way that causes you to come back simply because you ENJOYED your time with us! Group sessions can be organized by age, chronic condition, difficulty, or ambulatory classification. Common benefits -improved quality of life -improved physical function -increased cardiovascular fitness -weight management -mental clarity -slow or reverse disability in ADLs -improved independent mobility -reduced anxiety -improved sleep -reduced health costs (annually) The cost of this service is $10/ class entry. The Consultation is FREE.

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Washington D.C., DC, USA