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Personal Power Pyramid Consultation

A holistic health self care system.

  • 1 hour
  • 25 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

No one is one dimensional. Everyone has different needs, which REQUIRE varying degrees of sensitivity! Because of this, many people suffer from long term Dissatisfaction or personal disharmony without finding a realistic way to Liberation. The Personal Power Pyramid is our approach at helping you find or create Balance or a Base of Power. This "program" is really a Lifestyle. This lifestyle is about restoring "Balance" to the human being. We have become prone to chronic disease and pain because we are living outside of the Balance. What is this Balance? The Balance will be expressed in this "modern era" as a system of living which promotes harmony in self and the environment with the Acknowledgment, Respect, and Maintenance of the Living Spirit. ALL power comes from Spirit. Is every hug, kiss, or handshake (even fist bump) the same? Each one is an expression of human spirit. It is this SAME POWER which guards your health, fuels you to build dreams, overcome fears, and achieve ambitions. The Personal Power Pyramid is a self care system based on YOUR needs and intentions! NHG is an environment centered on human care. That being said, we support our Participants in the following ways: -Concierge service -Attentiveness -Punctuality -Flexibility -Respect -Compassion -Patience -Excellence This service consists of: -Personalized prerecorded exercise therapy videos or LIVE sessions with coach -Unlimited access to group yoga and meditation classes -Nutritional support using our Quantum Nutrition Project -Herbal Support using our Quantum Nutrition Project -Once a month meeting with Director to address any concerns -Program design based on ability, space, or environment Each session lasts 90 minutes. The cost of this service is $250 or $500/ month. The Consultation costs $25. Founded by a U.S. Marine turned Yogi and Natural Healer.

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Washington D.C., DC, USA