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Senior Wellness Consultation

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  • 1 hour
  • 20 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

The techniques used to establish the Senior Wellness Program here at NHG were developed to assist Participants in learning how to manage current diagnosis and improve general well being with simple techniques designed specifically to support seniors! Are you newly retired, in your golden years, or have senior beloved ones and want to make sure that you (or they) are healthy to enjoy their golden years? Let us help you! Our solutions are safe, cost effective and completely customizable. Using a combination of our Pyramid Exercise Therapy (PET) and Spirit Yoga Therapy Programs, we have been able to support many seniors with numerous challenges and in various settings. NHG is an environment centered on human care. That being said, we support our Participants in the following ways: -Concierge service -Attentiveness -Punctuality -Flexibility -Respect -Compassion -Patience -Excellence Nutrition and Herbal Support or just small changes in your diet and maybe adding an herbal regimen, can CHANGE YOUR LIFE as well as MAGNIFY any expected results to any self care program. Common benefits: -effective pain management -improved quality of life -improved physical function -increased cardiovascular fitness -weight management -slow or reverse disability in ADLs -improved independent mobility -reduced anxiety -mental clarity -improved sleep -reduced health costs (annually) The cost of this service is $40 for one hour and $55 for 90 minutes. The Consultation costs $25.

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Washington D.C., DC, USA