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The FREQUENCY of Healing.

The Flame means

"to be transformed".

Are you READY?

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To transform is to renew. Healing is a FREQUENCY! Here at the Natural Healing Group, LLC (NHG for short) -we call it the NATURAL HEALING RESPONSE. 

I was born at 6 months premature -in my Grandmother's house. Within minutes of my birth, I had to survive my natural mother's attempt to drown me. I had chronic asthma, allergies, and a weak, underdeveloped body. To be honest, I grew up in a poor and extremely HOSTILE environment. My early life was highly tumultuous. I attended SEVEN elementary, TWO middle, and THREE high schools -all while living in ONE city! I was also physically, mentally, and emotionally abused regularly. 

I share this information with you to SHOW YOU that I was blessed to HEAL from A LOT of things. I Am a MASTER of MISTAKES -meaning, I have made them ALL. These first 45 years of My Life has provided a plethora of experiences as well as opportunities to show what I have learned.

Early in life, I understood that I was going to have to be successful WITHOUT support from My Family. Later on, I learned the reasons why. However, it was this early realization which prompted me in the direction of creating a "poor man's system of staying healthy". This is EXACTLY what I called it. It turned out to be SO MUCH MORE!!

I had NO IDEA that health was a SPIRITUAL PATH about Balance.

My methods are simple, yet effective. Also, HIGHLY adaptable with regards to chronic conditions, mobility classification, disability (I/DD), or setting. The COVID 19 pandemic of 2020 served to ENHANCE my skill set as the power of my perception (attention to details) grew and because of this, I now serve patients/ participants all over the United States as well as in other parts of the World through THIS SCREEN!! I look forward to serving you!
A healthy body is a BALANCED BODY. A balanced body is naturally a hostile environment for pathogens. Pathogens are germs which can cause disease in the human body. Not ONLY is it harder for a balanced body to get sick, but it is also harder to become injured. How is that? A HUGE part of maintaining a BALANCED BODY is knowing how to USE the body and the environment.

Our Services

ALL of our services are FSA, HSA, and HCRA eligible and hosted on a safe and easy to use platform.

How does it work?

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The focal point of the work done here at the Natural Healing Group, LLC (NHG) is to help our Participants to become healthier by activating their natural healing response. The Natural Healing Response is the body's instinctive ability to reset or reestablish homeostasis (or balance) in the body. EVERY organism can do this. This is achieved through specific habits and a harmonious relationship with your living environment.

Treatment plans are created using the Knowledge of Design. Knowledge of Design is an ANCIENT SCIENCE which reveals how things were created to function as well as how to restore or enhance that function. Knowledge of Design is centered on Natural Law. Natural Law is a pre-hellenistic system of living which recognizes the Planet as the Cosmic Mother of ALL living on the surface. This metaphysical CONNECTION (supported with specific habits) serves to manifest as the person's SOURCE for healing energy and personal power. Our plans -though simple, are HIGHLY effective and have assisted many people to manage various conditions and overcome challenges.

Healing is just like Weaving, FILLED with Repetition. If you SKIP a step, you will have a BIG HOLE somewhere.

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