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Activate the FIRE within.

A healthy body is a BALANCED BODY. A balanced body is naturally a hostile environment for pathogens. Pathogens are germs which can cause disease in the human body. Not ONLY is it harder for a balanced body to get sick, but it is also harder to become injured. How is that? A HUGE part of maintaining a BALANCED BODY is knowing how to USE the body and the environment.

How does it work?

The focal point of the work done here at the Natural Healing Group, LLC (NHG) is to help our Participants to become healthier by activating their natural healing response. The Natural Healing Response is the body's instinctive ability to reset or reestablish homeostasis (or balance) in the body. EVERY organism can do this. This is achieved through specific habits and a harmonious relationship with your living environment.

Treatment plans are created using the Knowledge of Design. Knowledge of Design is the SIGHT to see things as they were created to function as well as how to restore or enhance that function. This is accomplished through applying the need or challenge to a perspective of Wholeness and an analysis of the current expression of life force energy (lifestyle). Our plans -though simple, are HIGHLY effective and have assisted many people to manage various conditions and overcome challenges.

Healing is just like Weaving. FILLED with Repetition. If you SKIP a step, you will have a BIG HOLE somewhere.

A. Kuperman, VA

"I NEVER fall now!"

E. Mandel, NY

“I'm exercising from New York with Joseph. He's a wonderful, dedicated, awesome coach! He's teaching me about my body and how to be finally pain free!"

L. Arakelian, VA

"Joseph is very caring and he pays attention!"