Do you struggle with:

*Chronic pain stopping your life?

*The rising costs of managing a chronic condition?

*Unhealthy body weight?

*Fatigue or low energy?

*Anxiety or stress?

*Sexual issues?

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Natural Healing Group, LLC

Health is power, we can help!

Meet Joseph Saint

Natural Healer and Spiritual Teacher

Greetings Everyone!


I am Joseph Saint and I am a Natural Healer! My principal modalities are: Pyramid Exercise Therapy, Spirit Yoga, Self Care & Cultivation, Feel and Listen, and the Quantum Nutrition Project. Each of these were developed over a 30 year journey (beginning at age eight) of self study, healing, and personal mastery. My life began with an act of violence. My body and environment challenged me daily. I learned how to OVERCOME. This Journey has recorded my Spiritual Transformation and I learned a ton working with people in all walks of life -in various healing encounters as well as serving hospice patients. I have two certifications; first from National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) -my CPT, and a second from American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) -exercise management for chronic disease and disability. The spectrum of my experience includes joining the Marines out of high school and later training in Ashtanga Yoga under a Tibetan Buddhist monk. Today, I support Participants (including some physicians) in managing chronic conditions as well as pain with exercise, diet, yoga and physical touch.


The premise of my work is RESTORING BALANCE to the body. Understanding DESIGN allows one to restore or enhance function in the human body. The fulcrum of my methods are so that YOU can learn to heal yourself!

What do I mean by DESIGN? Design is your metaphysical makeup or order "of parts". For instance, you are ONE SPIRIT with TWO BODIES -the physical and mental bodies. The path to personal power is managing BOTH WELL. Knowledge of DESIGN enhances FUNCTION. Meaning that the SKY is truly within reach once you have mastered what keeps you BALANCED.


The Personal Power Pyramid is a holistic health self care system which helps or supports the Participant in protecting and maintaining their health WITHOUT the high costs.


Self Care & Cultivation helps or supports the Participant to gain a practical understanding of the DESIGN (or metaphysical composition) of the self so that personal balance can be maintained as well as the ability to empower oneself while experiencing stress or other stimulus from their environment.


The Quantum Nutrition Project helps or supports the Participant to understand food (which includes a practical use of herbs) and how to maintain balance and influence the forces within the body.


The Pyramid Exercise Therapy Module (PET) helps or supports the Participant to understand how to engage forces within the self and the environment. This understanding is used to influence the development of their structure (body and mind).

The Living Meditation is a Path of Healing, Learning, and Service. The Participant is taught how to connect with, maintain, and restore their own Personal Power.

"For the sake of tomorrow,let our daughters and sons reign free from disharmony. -In themselves and the worlds."


NHG Cause of Health


Why Holistic healthcare?

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What is Holistic healthcare at Natural Healing Group?

A healthy body is a BALANCED BODY. A balanced body is naturally a hostile environment for pathogens. Pathogens are germs which can cause disease in the human body. Not ONLY is it harder for a balanced body to get sick, but it is also harder to become injured. How is that? A HUGE part of maintaining a BALANCED BODY is knowing how to USE the body and the environment.

Knowledge of your metaphysical design teaches you how to manage the FORCES WITHIN the human body. Awareness and the proper view of these FORCES will give you the POWER to create or maintain Balance. Holistic health is the FUTURE of healthcare! Combining modern screenings with practical homeopathic methods, and support for behavioral modification, our Participants possess newfound power over their health and living experience.

Holistic healthcare is Empowered Living!


“I'm exercising from New York with Joseph. He's a wonderful, dedicated, awesome coach! He's teaching me about my body and how to be finally pain free!"

— E. Mandel