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"People are the GOLD!"

Ausar Amon Ra

Lord Ausar Amon RA

The Founder

Lord means "Awakened Divinity".

Lord Ausar (Ah -sar)  Amon (Ah- MOON) RA (ra -Growl with it!) -called RA for short (formerly known as Joseph Saint), is a Natural Healer and Spiritual Teacher who began his adulthood as a U.S. Marine (following his graduation from high school that summer) in September of 1996. When he was discharged from the Corps, he was attached to a SOG (Special Operations Group) - in the 2nd Mar Div in Camp Lejuene, NC. In 2001, Lord RA was initiated under the Ausarian Resurrection Mystery System. In 2003, he encountered a Tibetan Buddhist and entered into a discipleship wherein he was directly trained as a Yogi (Ashtanga) for a period of 1 year and 2 months. Since then, he has studied Siddha, Kundalini, Hatha, Vinyasa, Qui Quong and various other forms of life force cultivation techniques via medical and complementary alternative applications. He also acquired a certification in Exercise Management (for Chronic Disease and Disabilities) from the American College of Sports Medicine.


As a wellness professional, he gravitated towards special populations. Whether it was Pain Management or Differently Abled (a program he built for individuals with developmental disabilities) or Chronic Condition/ Disease Management; Lord RA strove to bring excellence at every occasion.


His work with clinical referrals from Parkinson’s to post-rehab clients has bought him powerful opportunities. Not excluding his military preparation programs as well as his work with clients employed by various government agencies –including the FBI and Secret Service.


Almost single handedly, Lord RA built this facility serving Participants (patients) in their homes and workplaces (providing corporate wellness programs for organizations such as Children's National and Alston & Bird, LLP) spanning from Howard County, MD to Lorton, VA. Working with various professionals, Lord RA established a reputation of excellence as well as compiled a network of support for his vision -the Natural Healing Group, LLC (NHG).


Lord RA LOVES what he does. He enjoys the victories of his clients and he champions them in the face of their struggles. His personal ambition –to touch 1 million lives within his lifetime, led to the birth of Natural Healing Group, LLC. He is a natural leader and most of all, he values every opportunity to serve you.

"For the sake of tomorrow, let our daughters and sons reign FREE from disharmony. -In themselves and the worlds."

-NHG Cause of Health

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440 S. Washington St.

Falls Church, VA 22046

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