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"People are the GOLD!"

Ausar Amon Ra

Lord Ausar Amon RA

The Founder



I Am Lord RA. ALL is Divine. Lord means “awakened divinity”. I Am a Master Alchemist (Natural Healer and Spiritual Teacher). This is the result of a lifetime of self education, evaluation, deconstruction, development, and cultivation into a PROCESS (way of living) which has produced Self Healing. Because of challenges such as asthma and allergies (which hospitalized Me frequently as an infant and young child) and dyslexia (which I overcame by using My “inner voice” to repeat what I was seeing so I could retain details such as the arrangement of numbers or letters), I understood the necessity to develop BOTH the mind and the body. My Awareness and Intuition made Me a target by UNSAFE adults and other children (particularly older or “tough” boys). And because I wasn’t a coward (I could fight WELL -although I was small in stature), authority figures disliked My natural non conformance which was emphasized by a confidence bred from successfully standing My ground.


At nine years old, I had read our entire Webster’s dictionary and made illustrations. Also, at that same age, I decided that I would “manifest the Living God”.  My life is heavily influenced by what is called “spiritual”. And I’ve learned that ALL POWER comes from ONE Source -God. Instinctively, I understood this (God) to be both Presence and Power and though these were perceptible, the disconnect was OBVIOUS. How so? As a Child, I saw the ugliness (in people) early. My Awareness didn’t allow people to hide and I was punished for it. Especially by adults.


Though often unpleasant, the Truth (about people, circumstances, and Myself) was the only thing I could use to overcome My struggles. This and the desire to make sense of everything that was happening to Me. I began to dissect what I learned (how I applied it and the results), observing the information which flowed around Me (in various environments and encounters), and changing what I consumed (mentally and physically). The Truth meant that I had to “go below”. For a time, I went from book to book (religious doctrines as I developed a dedicated yoga practice) until I came to this pivotal realization -that I had to find the God of Pluto! WHY the God of Pluto? I decided that If Pluto is the Planet farthest from the Sun, then the God on there will be the same EVERYWHERE. I didn’t want a God stuck in a book on this Planet. My Heart and Mind was TOO BIG for this.


After getting My first personal trainer certification (through NASM because I had heard that You had to know your stuff to pass and it was listed as one of the top TWO academies for Sports Medicine in the World), I entered the industry of Sports Medicine. By this time, I had already served as a U.S. Marine and trained as an Instructor in Ashtanga Yoga. Within months, I immediately noticed that My clientele at the gym were people who had injuries and needed real help. Most were not there to build summer bodies. Also, I found that most people appreciated My methods and the “bedside manner” from those years supporting hospice patients. I was approached by other men asking Me to work with their wives. So naturally I studied more resources to be able to provide the type of support which began to distinguish Me from others. I didn’t want to be a fad. I desired to become an institution, something LONG STANDING 


In 2018, I discovered that I had Touch (the ability to remove or significantly reduce physical pain with a touch) in a 7 Eleven near My old medical office near George Mason University. It was an event which unfolded by surprise because the Owner (of that 7 Eleven) was complaining  about pain in her leg. The Voice told Me to touch her. So I took a breath and asked. She granted Me permission and I squatted down (holding her calf with both hands because I didn’t know which hand was THE hand) her flesh shifted and she cried out (startling Me), but the pain was GONE. Upon discovering this ability, I did NOT promote this Gift (in marketing materials). However, I did provide this service to clients while in session. My practice grew to become VERY stable. Then comes the COVID 19 pandemic which brought everything to a halt. I couldn’t see patients in person and I couldn’t use Touch. Without family and living AWAY from My hometown -how will I survive? God Told Me to get on the screen. And that “the truth needs NO support”. Up till this point the only thing I had taught via the screen was the Sirasana (headstand) and this was to an Intermediate level yoga student. 


So I got on the screen and I OVERCAME! Not only was I able to help clients through the screen, I was able to reach people in different states during the pandemic. It was after the lockdown was over when I was invited to a gathering and “met” a husband and wife (whom I helped to become pain free after 15 years of low back pain) that I served during the lockdown. I have grown SO MUCH on this journey as a person and provider. Today, I Am abundant in Gifts. I have a sense of personal value with which I use to support the liberation of others. The Mental and Physical bodies DO connect. And using Knowledge of Design (how things were created to function as well as how to restore or wholistically enhance that function), I show them HOW.

Books by Lord RA

To Believe means "to bring to Life".

"For the sake of tomorrow, let our daughters and sons reign FREE from disharmony. -In themselves and the worlds."

-NHG Cause of Health

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