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Mother Margaret R. Johnson

November 9, 1933 - April 21, 2022

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"Be The Overcomer!"




For as long as I can remember-in this life- my Grandmother has used these words to push me.


Being The Overcomer as you know, is NOT easy. It is a path CHOSEN both daily and hourly. Even when you WANT to give up. Especially then!


Being The Overcomer is LESS about winning and MORE about Victory. One is externally motivated while the other is more deeply ROOTED.


My Grandmother IS an Overcomer. She raised TWELVE children of her own. Thirteen when you include my uncle Leroy. She grew up in Virginia's segregated south -carrying a knife (her "persuader") since age thirteen to guarantee her own safety as she often had to travel alone on foot for work as a young girl and later woman before marrying my Grandfather.


My Grandmother taught me to "say what I mean and to mean what I say." Truth and self honesty is the DIET of the Overcomer. If she or he finds that they are NOT doing or giving their best at any moment or endeavor, they must change. If not, they are GUILTY of lying.


The Overcomer is constantly learning and changing. The power to create GROWS with the understanding of one's relationship with Creation or the universe.


The Overcomer is FEARLESS because she or he KNOWS that life is eternal. So with ALL of their power, the Overcomer GIVES their best.


Be The Overcomer!

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