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Better Health through Collaboration


Dear Patient Advocates,

Are you interested in finding high quality, effective wellness/ preventive care for your patients in the comfort and privacy of their home?
Are your patients interested in finding high quality, effective wellness/ preventive care support at a reasonable price WITHOUT compromising the quality of their experience?


If your answers to one or BOTH of these questions, then this is an opportunity to review our service offering and add us to your repertoire of patient care! Natural Healing Group, LLC (NHG) is a holistic healthcare organization which supports the patient -through our unique approach, in accessing or activating their Natural Healing Response. The Natural Healing Response is the body’s instinctive ability to reset or reestablish homeostasis (or balance) in the body. 


How does it work?


Our treatment plans are created using the Knowledge of Design. Knowledge of Design is the SIGHT to see things as they were created to function as well as how to restore or enhance that function. Knowledge  of Design is centered on Natural Law. Natural Law is a pre hellenistic system of living which recognizes the Planet as the Cosmic Mother of ALL living on the surface. This realization (supported with specific habits) influences the person's natural desire to experience Self Love. Our plans -though simple, are HIGHLY effective and have assisted many people manage various conditions and overcome challenges.


Relevant service offerings


  • Personal Training

  • Nutrition & Herbal Support

  • Mobile massage

  • Group Exercise for Stress or Chronic Conditions

  • Yoga

  • Living Meditation

  • Pain Management 


Service Availability


NHG serves the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area (DC, Northern VA, and the capital region of MD). Our online services are available all over the United States. Whichever works BEST for the patient’s victory is our dedicated course of action. We are HONORED to serve you.

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