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Receptive to CHANGE Program

Objective: To assist others towards Personal Liberation through an application of self healing.


Program parameters: Affecting CHANGE through a practice of self honesty, daily meditation, personal accountability, personal development, herbal regimen, REBT, creativity, critical thinking, and service.


Program Pillars


  • Self Honesty

  • Daily Meditation

  • Personal Accountability

  • Personal Development

  • Herbal Regimen

  • Fundamentals of REBT

  • Creativity

  • Critical Thinking

  • Service


Self Honesty -Honesty to me means “doing what you know to be true or right regardless of the circumstances”. Applying this ANCIENT principle of Honesty is the secret PRIMARY pillar of human development. This begins with a DECISION which becomes a VOW or pursuit of character.


“From THIS MOMENT forth,

I will NOT live a Lie.

My Words and Actions,

Will reflect what is in my heart.

Whatever Honesty reveals

That I must CHANGE

In either myself or in my relationship with my environment,

I will ACCEPT its Light.”                                      




Daily Meditation -Everyone has heard of how beneficial meditation is, but often STRUGGLE with establishing a realistic practice. The LIVING MEDITATION -which is taught by Joseph Saint, is a simplified process that is easy to practice because of the education involved and the overall usefulness. A daily practice of 3 minutes of meditation is STRONGLY ENCOURAGED along with a weekly group practice and organized sharing. These can support SIGNIFICANT growth in the ability to cope and lessen the impact of stress.


Personal Accountability -There’s NO CHANGE without personal accountability. 100% ownership of the Experience gives the Participant the POWER to TRANSFORM their Experience. Group sharing and support also further cements this pillar into the psyche of the Participant. As a personal moral compass, the Participant is trained to ask themselves:


  • Am I doing ALL I can to be successful?

  • If not, what is it that I need to CHANGE?

  • REMEMBER. If it’s revealed that I must CHANGE and I choose to stay the same, 

I am GUILTY of lying.          


Personal Development -Personal Development is about being CONSISTENT in your Honesty in regards to these:


  1. Who you say you are. Manifesting your mantra.

  2. What you say you are going to do. Keeping your word and making sure that your choices ALIGN with your mantra.

  3. Break down your Goals into manageable tasks. Make a checklist or a vision board. Be RELENTLESS.


Physical exercise is REQUIRED. Movement impacts mental health and longevity. Regulating the consumption of sugar will give the Participant MORE control over their flow of thoughts (less racing). A regular (if not, daily) yoga practice increases the Sensitivity needed between Mind and Body to maintain and strengthen this connection which trains the Participant in how to manage, protect, and preserve personal energy. 


Herbal Regimen -Consuming herbs is a DIRECT way of connecting with the natural or LIVING environment for the purpose of restoring balance to your personal biofield. A recommendation of ONE of the following: chlorophyll, alfalfa, or spirulina. PLEASE seek advice from your General Practitioner or Care Team to determine or confirm the best one for you to use based on your current medical needs and history. 


Why is this important? The environment is ALWAYS ACTING on the person. -Whether consciously or subconsciously, this exchange registers as INFLAMMATION in both the body and brain. Consuming one of these DAILY will help balance this consistent flux of energy as well as BOOST a general feeling of wellbeing.


Fundamentals of REBT -I came across this booklet and in my photographic mind, learned his (Albert Ellis') A, B, C’s. 


A- Activating Event (or Adversity)

B- Beliefs (the Participant’s beliefs or the definitions that influence the view of “A”)

C- Consequences (the state of things because of these beliefs or responses to “A”)

D- Dispute (the opportunity to affect change by changing the beliefs or definitions that influence the view of “A”)


Creativity -Creativity is often overlooked because we equate time with money. Life has become for sale and personal humanity has gotten lost in the shuffle. Creating time to be creative allows the Participant to commune with their OWN SPIRIT. This connection supports personal optimism and less social tension.


Critical Thinking -Critical Thinking is a VERY important skill which originates with becoming AWARE of one’s relationship with their environment and their Influence on it. CONSISTENT development on the aforementioned aspects of this Program naturally stabilizes and increases this ability. Critical Thinking supports the Participant’s ability to be a POSITIVE PRESENCE in their environment by understanding personal value.


Service -Service gifts the Participant with the opportunity to create a POSITIVE PRESENCE in the living environment. Services BEGINS with Respect for EVERY PRESENCE -Plant, Animal, and Human. Do NOT litter and seek to help someone every day.


The Receptive to CHANGE Program is the result of personal study, development, and the COURAGE to be RELENTLESSLY HONEST. With the many challenges we face in life, we are BOUND to FALL. It is only TRUTH which gives us the Strength to get up and face life. Self Honesty makes us Receptive to CHANGE.


“A hint to the Wise, shall be sufficient.”

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