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Heal Tomorrow through Our Youth

It doesn’t take a lot to see that OUR CHILDREN need help! The world we are living in changes so much in very little time and often, without warning. The lines between adult and childhood have never been MORE blurred when it comes to the IMPACT of personal trauma or crisis.


As a Spiritual Seeker on my life journey, I learned that self honesty is CRITICAL to human development. Without self honesty, there is VERY LITTLE foundation for genuine values. In the absence of a GROUNDED value system, lives the perpetual darkness of personal trauma. No path for victory.


How does it work?


This program will introduce journaling, therapeutic group exercise, and meditation.


  • Journaling -supports the ability to express the self through writing. Sharing will support confidence, tolerance, and in laying the foundation for EMOTIONAL RESPONSIBILITY.

  • Therapeutic Group Exercise -assists in strengthening the body and clearing the build up of stress from the body.

  • Living Meditation -assists in increasing focus and the ability to practice SELF CONTROL.


Service Availability


NHG offers this program to be administered during or after school on the school’s premises or in some other community setting.

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